Why i’m offering my book for free.

A Lotus Trail was one of the hardest projects of my life and has taken me about 20 years to complete because I have written it from my life journey experiences. Also being uneducated, dyslexic, and having no time, didn’t help. I started writing part one back in 2002 in Thailand when I settled down on an island after backpacking around the world for 20 years. Hitching lifts when I could and getting dead-end jobs here and there to support my travel as I went. Life was a party and I was the party, where anything and everything goes… It’s a wonder I’m still alive today!!

Until one hangover and memory loss too many I became completely fed up with my life and being controlled by my addictions. I knew I was at rock bottom and I hated myself. I desperately wanted to change my lifestyle but I just didn’t know how!!

It was not easy to change a lifetime of bad habits, and I slipped up more than a few times due to addiction and wanting to party. But after many attempts, I finally succeed in 2002, in India, with yoga and Buddha dharma as my support. I studied with some of the greatest masters for 17 years, received so many blessings, and learnt many life tools, and now I am clean, healthy, and happy to say, peacefully contented.

When Covid came to live with us and I saw the desperation and fear in the world, I wanted to help. But didn’t know how? And that was when part two of “A lotus Trail” was born, and my book was finally finished.

I didn’t write this book for fame and fortune, I wrote it for YOU, and that is why I am offering you a chance to get a free eBook on Amazon: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Lotus-Trail-Tara-Gardiner-ebook/dp/B09CL293RD/

Even if only one person gets something good out of “A Lotus Trail,” then all my hard work was worth it.

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