Wouldn’t it be great if our minds were like a computer, and we could just pause, stop, delete or even reset? But unfortunately, we can’t. Although you can’t stop the stuff that’s happening, you can change the way you react and see it. It is up to you whether you make a molehill into a mountain or mountain into a molehill. You have the power to do this, once you realise that your reactions and thoughts create your reality. With meditative awareness, you will become more observant of your reactions and actions and create the reality you want to live in, and this is where I can help you.

I have rock ‘n’ rolled around the world with a backpack for 20 years making every mistake possible, to finally land at the feet of the greatest Buddhist masters on this planet and study the philosophy and nature of mind with them for another 20 years. This has led me to a peaceful place with more awareness and self-control. I would love to share with you the little I have learnt, so you can be your own master, and take control of your mind, which will help you take control of your life and be happy again

Never let your mind or self-hatred create obstacles to who you really are. Anything and everything is possible, you just need to believe in yourself. Let me be your trusted friend to be there for you to guide you over that bridge. I will listen to you with an open, loving heart and no judgement, and advise you from my own personal experiences and life challenges. Although I am not a qualified therapist, I am sure I can help you with child abuse. rape, bullying, disability, dyslexia, loneliness, animal welfare, drugs and alcohol addiction, abusive relationships, yoga, meditation, Gurus, travel and more. You can check me out by reading my life story “A Lotus Trail” which is available on Amazon, Lulu or barcode below

I’m offering one on one guidance/coaching and one on one guided meditation by phone call.

You can set up a meeting for free to see if I’m what you are looking for and make a package that suits you, which we can do from the comfort of your own home. Also to keep your identity private we do not need to use a screen

30 minutes of guidance/coaching for £15.

30-minute guided meditation for £15

Why not drop me an email?  You’ve nothing to lose but everything to gain.

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