A true story of one woman’s journey from desperation to transformation.

A Lotus Trail

“I woke, in the nude, surrounded by empty beer bottles and five naked men, with no idea how I got there”.

After a childhood accident left her permanently disabled, Tara Gardiner spent decades searching for happiness. For 20 years, she backpacked through North and South America, Europe, Africa and Asia, on a fruitless hunt for meaning. The life and soul of every party, ready for any adventure her damaged knee would permit, she lived life to the full.

So why were her fleeting moments of joy marred by illness, hangovers, memory gaps, physical and sexual assault – and shame?

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Tara Gardiner A Lotus Trail Author

Tara Gardiner; my story

This is the true story of 20 years of my life, wandering around the world with a backpack; sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll: an outward journey…

…then discovering yoga, meditation, and gurus, and studying and practicing for 16 years; celibacy, abstinence, and self-reflection: an inner journey.

It has taken me 20 years to write A Lotus Trail, which is based on my personal experiences, my perspectives and what I was sober enough to remember.

All the characters mentioned herein are real but their names have been changed though, if you recognise yourself in this, it’s probably you.

To every being that came into my life…