Why I wrote this book (part 1)

A Lotus Trail is one of the hardest projects of my life and has taken me about 20 years to write because I have written it all from my life journey.

“You should write a book” most people I met would tell me, after listening to one of my many travel stories. I did think about it but being dyslexic, uneducated and definitely not an author put me off. Also, I never had much time outside of travel, fun and debauchery—I was a full-time party girl, where anything and everything goes… it’s a wonder I’m still alive today.

Fed up with being controlled by my addictions and realizing I was at rock bottom, I came to truly hate myself. I knew I had to change my lifestyle but just didn’t know how!! After many attempts, I finally succeed in 2002 with yoga as my support. Now I wasn’t at the party or in bed sleeping off the hangover, I had a lot of time and a clear head and finally started to write my book, in 2002 in Thailand.

I thought it was going to be some kind of a funny travel guide and in a way, it is—an external travel guide. I put it on the back burner for many years thinking it was done and not sure what to do with it. Then in 2020 when Covid came to live with us, and I saw the fear, anxiety and desperation in the world, I knew I had to do something.

I had been studying yoga and meditation with some of the greatest masters in India for 17 years and had received so many blessings and learnt many life tools. How can I keep them just to myself? I felt Now is the time to share them with the world, so I picked my book up again. I rewrote Part One and Part Two came to life naturally—my internal travel guide.

If only one person gets some benefit from ‘A Lotus Trail’ then it was worth all the hard work, effort and time.

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